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MT4 to Telegram Notifications, Alerts, Signals for any market – Crypto , Forex, Stocks, Commodities

Telegram is a great tool and probably one of the best messenger apps on the market for mobile and desktop. Now you can leverage the functions and features of telegrams through MetaTrader4 MT4 platform. Notifications from your trading account can be passed off to your telegram messenger app. You can send the information as Alerts to channels or groups. Signals can be triggered based on complex algorithmic equations or your own FOMO behavior.

MT4 Telegram Butler Bot

Pre-built robot ready to keep you and any one else informed with the market.

A great tool for signal providers, Pump Groups, Technical Chartists, and for your own alerts.

software for sending account notifications or signal alerts to telegram each time an order operation takes place

– open , close, adjust take profit, adjust stoploss, scale in , and scale out.


MT4 Telegram Notifications Alerts


MT4 Telegram Notifications Alerts


MT4 Telegram Notifications Alerts


MT4 Telegram Notifications Alerts

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MT4 Telegram Trader Bot (EA) – Trade anywhere, anytime, with any mt4 broker

The MT4 Telegram Trader Bot  inspired by a new bred of traders. Mobile trading has never been like this before.  Host your trading platform on vps/cloud/home.pc and trade through your messenger app, control your bots, and chat with co workers, friends and family all while keeping an edge on the markets. You no longer need 6 screens and 3 computers to trade professionally.


1. Download MetaTrader4 trading Platform

MT4 Telegram Trader is software/robot/ Expert Advisor for the  MetaTrader4 trading platform .  You can download the trading platform  for free.

Down load link for the MT4 trading platform. simplefx4setup

Unzip to run the software(simplefx4setup) Simplest on a windows operating system XP or newer.

Install on your Windows machine, Metatrader4 platform.

2. Make an account at SimpleFX Brokerage


Its really easy to do.   Deposit with : Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, and wire + credit cards.


3. Buy MT4 Telegram Trader

Buy in the shopping cart

Install Video Tuturial


This is the latest software that connects MT4_Telegram_Trader.ex4 to the most world famous Forex  platform(MT4) and works as a bridge tthat connects to the messenger app, Telegram .

MT4 Telegram Trader  is ready to use. Download your license today see for yourself all the new trading opportunities including

  1. Full trading functions through telegram app. Buy, Sell, Close,  Close only Profits, Reverse positions, Set TakeProfit and Stoploss  based on Last high/lows
  2. Charts with any timeframe and template of choice. Build your own custom templates to suit your individual needs. Each template can display your custom indicators(trading template).
  3. Automated bots – select expert advisors through pre-configured template files .  Just like the trading templates, you set up your bots on templates to deploy them later.

4. Create Telegram Bot

Make a new telegram bot in 4 easy steps 

  1. @BotFather
  2. /newbot
  3. insert unique name
  4. insert botname ex… @telegramTrader_001

then the botfather will grant you token access. . Also, the botfather will save it for you in the chat. The token is needed when setting up the MT4 Telegram Trader Inputs(External Parameters).

5. Allow Telegram Bot Access with MT4 Platform

  1. Start the MetaTrader4 Platform from shortcut icon on windows desktop
  2. From the main mt4 platform
  3. Tools –> Options –> Expert Advisor
  4. Allow Web requests for listed URLS  (checkbox)
  5. Add
  6. Allow dll imports
  7. Click ok and restart the platform then double check values.

After this step,  mt4 allows communication back and forth with the telegram servers(api).

6. Attach MT4 Telegram Trader to the chart

Expert Advisor Parameters ( 1 Time Setup)

  1. Start MT4 Platform
  2. crtl + n = will open the navigator window
  3. select the Expert Advisors Folder and find telegram_trader
  4. double click the name telegram_trader to auto launch to chart
  5. press F7 once you attach the expert advisor to the chart (any chart)
  6. F7 will launch the expert advisor setting window to configure the below setting


  1. PREMIUM_ON = true
  2. Insert your token  into the Expert Advisor parameters called: TOKEN –
  3. Update Mode = FAST
  4. Trading Experience Mode = Lotsize | LEVEL NOOB >0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5,1.0 <LEVEL PRO
  5. Whitelist Usernames – Make a private trade group
  6. How many templates to load
  7. Templates – Names of the templates separated by ‘;’
  8. How many bot templates to load

You are done.

The software connects to Telegram and now you can begin talking to your MetaTrader4 account on mobile

Expert Advisor Setting:

  • Telegram Trader Whitelist Usernames:

You can create a Whitelist by adding any name to the parameter setting for   example: @cryptocommands, @cryptocopy, @CryptoAssetManagement,

Telegram Trader Recommendations

It is wise to rent a VPS such as a Windows Server 2012 to host your Telegram Trader software and MetaTrader platform on more reliable resources.  Otherwise, you might be left out on a few trades. #TradingAdvice

Security Check

When you setup a Metatrader4 platform  you login into the platform using your account Number and account Password. These login details do not decide who has access from the Telegram Trader software. By default all users have access who know your telegram bot’s name, therefore, please setup a WhiteList

WhiteList: @Hedgebitcoin

comma space”,” the Usernames into a list of users that you grant access. You must include your own Telegram user name here. Case sensitive.